What’s Your Why?

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The leaves are falling and here in the Midwest the temperature is just starting to drop (my radiator kicked on for the first time today!).  I love this time of year – it makes me think of starting new life-altering adventures, like my freshman year of college, and of connecting with the people I love (Thanksgiving is just around the corner)!
I’ve also noticed it’s a natural time for people to start considering what kind of shifts they want to make in their lives.  Autumn means that a new year is right around the corner and it’s a good time to look back on what we’ve accomplished already this year.  It’s also a natural time to start letting go of the things that no longer serve us.
When you start to feel compelled to make a change, it’s vital to answer this question first, before you take any other action:
What’s Your Why? 
Why are you making this change?
Why is this particular change important to you?
Which of your values are inspiring this change?
Why is it important to start working on this change at this time?  
How will your life be impacted by this change?
Knowing the answer to your “Why?” will help you stay focused as you begin to outline the path you’re going to take towards this new change in your life.
Knowing your “Why” will allow you to keep moving forward when blocks inevitably throw themselves in your way.
Knowing your “Why” will help you respond to both people who doubt you and those who want to help.
Connecting with the clearly outlined details behind the “Why” for any change you’re trying to make infuses that change with confidence and gives it a strong foundation that’s based in your own personal value system.  This exponentially increases the likelihood that you will actually complete this change!  
If you’re getting ready to work towards a change right now, write your “Why” on a post-it or index card that you read every day.  Continuing to connect with your motivations will keep you focused and open to opportunity on your new path!
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