What to do when it’s all too much…

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What do you do when you feel like it’s  all happening at once?  
Or nothing is happening, no matter how hard you push?  
First, try to relax and loosen your grip a little bit.  This could mean that you stop talking about it, that  you journal until your hand hurts or that you give yourself the night off and go to the movies instead.  
Release that idea that every problem has to be solved today.  Acknowledge that some solutions may need a little more time to reveal themselves.  
Spend a little time getting out of your head and into your body, whether that means yoga, a walk in the color-shifting woods or a long run along your favorite path.  
Give yourself permission to be human and not perfect every single minute.  
Exercise a little extra compassion for yourself and for everyone else.  
Grab some time with the friends who let you be your mask-off, raw-nerved, honest-to-goodness self.  
Solutions are on their way to you.  Sometimes, mindfully relaxing into the moment helps you to see them more clearly.
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