The #1 Block to Successfully Changing Anything

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I’ve had a ton of conversations lately about creating change and the best ways to make it happen. There are thousands of different systems to use to start making change happen but there’s ONE GIANT BLOCK that comes up for so many of us.

It’s Single Perfect Choice Syndrome.

This is the block that keeps us from completing our New Year’s Resolutions, it’s what gets in our way when we think about changing jobs and it comes up all the time when we’re networking or building relationships.

It’s the overwhelming idea that says you should be able to make your dreams happen in ONE MOVE (aka you only get to make one single perfect choice).

It’s the fatal concept that says that success has to be achieved with one giant, flawless step.

And if you don’t make that ONE PERFECT CHOICE, you have failed and the game is over.

Ugh, that feels completely overwhelming to me! How does it make you feel?

It’s so easy to get this idea in your head – it sneaks in there without us even being aware of it.

What happens when we get infected with Single Perfect Choice Syndrome is usually a version of paralysis.

There’s so much pressure on any single decision that we start to avoid making any choice at all and just stick with the status quo (if you’ve been talking about a career change for years but not taken any action, this could be part of your problem).

The cure starts with doing two simple things:

1 – Acknowledge that you are on a path with MANY steps to take (not just one) and that each of those small steps will take you forward. One giant leap only worked when we landed on the moon (and that was still one small step, preceded by a lot more small steps).

2 – Give yourself some credit…if you make a choice and it doesn’t work, you have the ability to make yet another choice and figure out a new solution! There’s never any one perfect decision. Each option always comes with pros and cons. That’s why doing your research, connecting with your values and knowing your “why” for any major decision is key to feeling confident about your ability to choose wisely.

A great example of troubleshooting Single Perfect Choice Syndrome is giving yourself permission to relocate to a new city (should you want to). This is something that can feel like a massive, impossible choice.

In reality, if you live in Chicago and decide to move to Portland, they don’t lock the gates to Chicago after you leave. If you move to Portland and decide after a year that it’s not for you, you can move back to Chicago (or move somewhere else)! You’re not stuck with Portland for eternity.

Releasing the idea that here has to be to “one perfect choice” will help you to feel more motivation and less stressed when you start working on your next big change.

Take a moment today to check in to see if you’re experiencing any symptoms of Single Perfect Choice Syndrome.

If you’re feeling stuck, let me know how I can help!

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A Certified Professional Life Coach (CPC) since 201o, Katy spent 15 years on her own journey through corporate America, focused on advertising research & award-winning account management. Her commitment to helping professionals find a mindful balance in both their work and personal lives comes from her own experience of industry and career-shifting mergers & acquisitions, several rounds of corporate layoffs, 3 relocations and many years of business travel to over 50 U.S. markets.

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