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2015 has flown by for me.  It’s been a year of epic change and glorious adventure.  I’ve learned so much about myself, about launching a start-up and about being the kind of person I want to be every day.  I’m so grateful for all the opportunities, challenges, people and ideas in my life right now.  Every week is truly a trip on a brand new path.

One of the best things about my new life is that all the research, reading and information gathering I get to do is on mindfulness and other strategies that help both my clients and I enjoy our existence a little more each day.  I’m going to do my best to share the loveliest and most effective of the tidbits I glean from all this education.

This week, I’d like to invite you to spend a little time truly “in the moment”.  The definition of Mindfulness is being in the moment, aware of all that is happening around you (including thoughts and emotions), and allowing yourself to be there, free of judgement.

Being in the moment can feel a bit impossible as we ramp up for the crazy rush of the holiday season. Work is usually a bit insane at this time of year too (understatement?).  We start to feel like the train to January 1 is rolling down a big hill with no brakes and it feels challenging to take a step back and enjoy the experience.

To avoid waking up shell-shocked and a bit dazed that first day of the new year, give yourself permission now to simply be in the moment a few times each day.

This could be really smelling, tasting and enjoying that first sip of coffee in the morning or give your dog or cat a big snuggle each night while you really connect with their presence.  It could be focusing on all the smells and sounds that happen when you prep the meal for Thanksgiving (I really like to be “in the moment” with my immersion blender while I concoct my famous sweet potato casserole).  It could also be just taking a step back before you rejoin the family gathering and checking in with yourself.  How are you feeling?  What does your body want?  When was the last time you took a deep breath?

This simple check-in with yourself will help you stay connected and grounded as you go through your day, making you able to enjoy the experiences (a great hug from a loved one) and to be less reactive to the uncontrollable (Uncle Bob is late AGAIN this year).

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