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When I ask a new client what they want, they tell me…

  • I want passion
  • I want purpose
  • I want success
  • I want happiness
  • I want to be excited and engaged
  • I want to feel Amazing, Alive, Inspired, each and every single day.

This probably sounds familiar to you. Most people come to me for coaching, not because they hate their lives, but because they’ve realized isn’t anything glaringly wrong and they’re still not very happy.

Instead, most of them say ..

i’m fine

My life is Fine.
Yeah, work is Fine.
The new condo, it’s Fine.
The new car, it’s Fine too.
My last vacation, it was Fine.

And Fine isn’t how you think of yourself. You’re an achiever, a succeeder, a maker of goals and winner of awards. Fine isn’t your thing.

And it’s probably not how people think of your life when they look at it from the outside. They think “Wow, your life must be amazing. You’re so smart and talented and interesting. You’re the person I come to for advice and you always have an idea or an answer for me”. But on the inside, all you feel is fine. You buy more things, check off more items on your life goals list, and continue to create the framework for a life that should be wonderful. But still, everything just continues to be FINE!

You’re here because you’re done with FINE. You want a life that’s bigger than fine. And you want it to be that way all the time. Not just when all the stars align, not simply when you’re on vacation or having a great night out. You want it to be GREAT. Or GORGEOUS. Or AMAZING. Whatever your word might be for having a life filled with energy, creativity, connectedness and overflowing heaps of love, excitement and accomplishment.

How do you get there?

Well, at some point, Fine became a bad habit. You started only taking “safe” risks that keep you comfortably in Fine. Only going for the promotions you KNEW you could master, staying at the job where you’re always the #1 go-to or not moving away from the city where you know every intersection by heart.

Getting away from Fine doesn’t mean you have to quit your job or move across the country. You may want to – it’s a common side effect. It does mean that you wake up most mornings feeling connected, energized and excited to live YOUR LIFE.

Not someone else’s life, not the life you plan to have in 10 years, but the very life that you live today. In fact, you don’t have to change a single material thing to get away from Fine. You can keep the condo and the car and stay in the same city. What we’re talking about changing is on the inside.

Mindful-U is all about how to create a life that’s bigger than Fine. A life that feels full, that feels bursting at the seams with Great, with Amazing, with WOW! We start by doing a complete check-in with where you’re at now, then we spend our coaching sessions getting clear on your dreams, tackling your fears and giving you new techniques to start your journey away from Fine.


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