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Stay on Track

Keep the Momentum Going &

Make Your Change Happen (for real)

Few things are worse than putting a ton of effort into dreaming, researching, exploring & planning for the change you want to make and then 6 months later, realizing that you’ve been distracted and still haven’t done ANYTHING about actually making that change happen!

This follow-up series is meant to keep on you track into the summer so you’ll continue to implement the ideas & strategies you’ve learned during our five weeks together. 

The private coaching will help you address your specific fears & blocks, as well as help you refine your next steps.

The group coaching sessions will help you stay inspired, connected and supported.  We’ll keep answering the questions you didn’t even know you had yet! 

Career Change Coaching Program Power Moves Package:

  •   Private Coaching:    2 Thirty-Minute Sessions
  •   Group Coaching:    4 Sixty-Minute Sessions

Class Dates:  2 phone 6/13 & 6/27, 2 in-person 6/21 & 7/12 )  Plus ongoing email support, access to the Facebook group   and   weekly journal prompts.

Total Investment:    $475  $236 for pilot program participants

There are no cancellations or refunds on this service.

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