The Change Creation Series is a set of workshops that I created to help you make progress on and create momentum around the changes you would like to make in your life.  

In this series, I address issues around:

  • Decision-making
  • Feeling stuck or frustrated by inaction
  • Figuring out where to start
  • Dealing with distraction
  • Career change
  • Social Media usage
  • Other change-blocking issues

I want you to feel successful, fulfilled and satisfied with the life you live every day as well as the work you choose to do, so please enjoy these workshops and contact me at if you have any questions!

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Includes 4 Self-Paced Courses including:

  • How to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone
  • How to Make More Confident Decisions in Your Life
  • Where to Start Your Career Change (and why it’s not where you think)
  • Mindfulness for Social Media

Includes a video workshop and PDF workbook for each course.

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