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Mindfulness-based Employee Engagement teaches the employee how to operate from a place of consciousness and compassion each day, making them more able to deal with both personal and professional stress.  Creating awareness of how and why we act on or react to situations opens ourselves up to the opportunity to choose our reactions, resulting in a more motivated, engaged and stable workforce.

This material has been tested by real people working real jobs at real companies.  This isn’t just theory.  My clients use these techniques to:

  • Address the many faces of change after a lay-off
  • Combat the fear and paranoia that comes with a major restructure
  • Re-engage sales teams in the face of competition and legal strife
  • Upgrade relationships with clients, while introducing industry changing products
  • Create more opportunity for clients to say “yes” even during tense negotiations

My passion is helping motivated, talented professionals create lives that feel outstanding to them every day.  I teach them to access the best version of themselves on a daily basis, while implementing the strategies that allow them to continue their path forward.

I know exactly what it’s like to have landed in a market at 3AM in the middle of a blizzard and still have to be at the client meeting, ready to dazzle, at 8:30AM the next morning.

I’m intensely familiar with having to shake off the effects of a game-changing internal reorg (announced via conference call), while sitting in the parking of your next appointment.

These experiences and many more, led me down the path to mindfulness and coaching.  I was exhausted and miserable, and was utterly sick of never feeling at peace with myself or my path in life.

I learned to deal with change with grace and positivity.  I learned to align my sense of self with my own personal values.  And I learned how to achieve both those things while still achieving my revenue targets and continuing my career growth.

Instead of being exhausted by my career, I was energized by it.  Instead of spending hours worrying over the details of my next commission plan, I was able to focus on the challenges of the day.

After facing those challenges, I was also able to draw healthy boundaries between my professional and personal life, which allowed me the opportunity to grow my skill sets and become an even more effective asset to both myself and my organization.

After road-testing so many theories and pouring my heart and soul into learning their finer points, I founded Mindful-U and built a bridge from being a simply cog in the wheel to being the grease that helps the engine stay healthy.


Mindfulness-based Employee Engagement is the redevelopment of the personal investment and connection between employee and employer, that is necessary to reduce turnover, upgrade loyalty and increase employee investment in overall corporate health.  

Contact us at expand@mindful-u.com to set up your training services consultation and learn more about how Mindfulness-based Employee Engagement can improve both individual employee performance and enhance company culture.

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