Consciousness & Compassion: The Foundation of Mindful-U, LLC

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I’ve been working on copy for the website this week (I’m starting to feel like I’m always working on copy…haha). Writer’s block hit hard one day so I’ve been getting creative, trying a variety of techniques to break through it!

One of my writer’s block treatments is to read a piece of writing that I love.  This week, I used “Eat Pray Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert.  I got to the part about “what’s your WORD” and had a lovely brainstorm (yes, there was lightning and everything!).  Your “word” is a very simple way of saying “what core values are governing your decisions right now”.  

I spent a lot of time contemplating Mindful-U, who we are and what’s most important for our clients to know about us.  What are the core values that influence everything we teach?

This led me to Consciousness and Compassion.  

These 2 words the form the very foundation of Mindful-U.  

In our courses, workshops and private sessions, Consciousness translates to the Power of Choice.  This means exploring choice, recognizing additional options, staying open to opportunities and generally unlocking our minds from the “I don’t have a choice, I have to do this (or keep doing this)” mentality.  This applies to the basic choices like “what should I have for dinner”, to the more complicated ones like “how do I choose to react to a stressful situation”.  

Simply being aware that there are always infinite choices available is a foundational step on our path forward.  It can be hard to see all of them sometimes.  We’re conditioned to focus on the extremes – go right, go left or stay in the same place and that feels very limiting.  The training and coaching at Mindful-U is designed to get you looking beyond the basic options, to more thoroughly assess your situations and thus to feel more confident in every decision you make.  

Compassion is the second pillar of the Mindful-U strategy.  Compassion is key to increasing your self-esteem, creating positive relationships with other people and allowing your life to fit more comfortably overall.  Cultivating a increased amount of compassion in your life allows you to flow more smoothly through change and to more easily step out of struggle (it even works with writer’s block!).  

Together, Compassion and Consciousness create a foundation for you to work positively towards a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. You’re more able to handle the highs and lows and to allow space for yourself and others to be imperfect, yet still amazing and authentic.  

If you have time this week, take a few minutes to think about the “word” that describes you right now.  What values are you embodying each day?

I’d also love your feedback as we work on developing new courses, retreats and workshops!  Please take a second to answer this simple question:

If Mindful-U could help you with one thing this year, what would it be?  

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