Change Your Life 101

Knowing you need to change is easy.
Knowing where to start is not so simple.

Knowing you need to change is easy.
Knowing where to start is not so simple.

Change Your Life 101 teaches you to:

  • activate the change process
  • pinpoint where to begin
  • upgrade your self-confidence as you make more effective choices
  • create accountability as you take the steps to live a more satisfying life

Frequently, we focus the need for change on our job or our love life, and sometimes, that’s exactly where the change needs to happen. Other times, it’s more of a default to look at those areas (I’m unhappy so OF COURSE something must be wrong at work or with my significant other…or lack of one). The answer is usually more complicated than simply changing jobs or heating up your romance.

The first step in creating effective change is to do a holistic analysis of your current life. It’s checking in with how you feel in each area, figuring out the areas of most intense discomfort and then creating a definable starting point for yourself.

Once you know where you’re starting,
it’s much easier to move into the next phase.

After your current “state of being” assessment is complete, you’ll start to activate your awareness and connection with your thoughts and actions.  You’ll begin by assessing the values that form your foundation and you’ll start to identify the fears and ideas that are keeping you stuck.  From there, you’ll learn new ways to break through those blocks and how to see the full spectrum of choices that are available to you.  Instead of feeling stuck, you’ll start to see limitless opportunity and will be able to create a strategic map to reach your desired destination.

Once you’ve reconnected with your awareness, you’ll begin creating the space to take action, to appreciate your unique skills and talents and to disengage with the negativity that other people push your way.  As part of your work, you’ll add positive layers to your self-esteem and will learn how let go of negative self-talk.  You’ll learn how to be more aware of the impact other people’s energy has on your personal motivations and how to draw healthy boundaries that allow for more uplifting relationships.

The final phase is creating intentions that align with your values, setting effective goals and using the accountability-based group coaching & private facebook group to keep the momentum going. The skills you learn during this workshop will be able to be used over and over as you go through life, allowing you to create effective change in any area at any time.

Over the 4 weeks of the workshop, we’ll address the following:

Week 1

Finding the Starting Point & Resetting The Way You Think

  • Upgrading your self-esteem
  • Interrupting negative self-talk
  • Connecting with your desires
Week 2

Getting Out of Your Own Way

  • Living in tune with your values
  • Recognizing blocks and employing the right strategies
  • Clearing out what no longer serves you
Week 3

Strategy Creation

  • Setting effective intentions
  • Making friends with fear
  • Creating a foundation of support
Week 4

Activating Lasting Change

  • Ongoing action & accountability
  • Activating effective daily strategies
  • Addressing distractions and unexpected obstacles

Spend 2016 feeling powerful and connected!

Change Your Life 101 will give you the tools you need to get unstuck and to stay on track as you consciously create a life that makes you shine from the inside out.  You’ll be able to face challenges with a whole new set of thoughts and resources that will keep you moving forward, no matter what life throws at you.

Join us on January 4th for four weeks that will change your entire year!

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