The start of a new calendar year is a natural time to sit back and assess the months that have just gone by…and a great time to start thinking about the new year that’s about to start!

It can be easy to be sidetracked by the big shiny suggestions that come at us from every direction – lose weight, make more money, learn a language, take dance lessons, do something, anything!!!

Unfortunately, this is not the best way to invite the things you truly want into your life.  Your real, deep desires get all mixed up with the shallow (yet sparkly) suggestions coming in from the outside.

I’m inviting you to be part of the Super Charged 7-Day Challenge so you can shift this unproductive pattern!

Instead, you’ll look back at your year and will consciously acknowledge all the good that came into your life, you’ll release the aspects that no longer serve you on your future journey and you’ll celebrate the accomplishments that so often get overlooked.

Then, you’ll create a mind-map of your new year.  Once you’ve dreamed the big picture, you’ll get down to creating a path forward, using success-activating strategies!

Consciously create a year that’s focused on lifting you up to fulfill your big desires and has a foundation strong enough to help you actually get there!

Here’s a week-to-week breakdown:

Day One:  2015 in Review

Day Two: Unpack Some Baggage

Day Three: Repair the Foundation

Day Four:  Dreams & Desires

Day Five:  Conscious Connection

Day Six:  Outline Your Intentions

Day Seven:  Imperfect Action

Day Eight (Bonus!):  Secret Strategy!

There are 12 gorgeous months just waiting for you…use these 7 Days to make the most of your entire year!

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