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Katy Flatau, CPC, ELI-MP
Certified Coach & Change Specialist

Supporting Dramatic Change since 2010

Stop feeling stuck


Reclaim your power


Upgrade your self-esteem


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Clearly identify and make measurable progress towards your goals

There are moments in life when you know, without any question, that you are ready for change.
You have that feeling in your gut, that sense that just around the corner something new is waiting.
You wake up every day and think “If I could just move a little bit forward, everything in my life would feel so much better”.

What’s missing? The vision and strategy to get there!

Knowing you’re ready for change is different than knowing exactly what change is right for you.
The struggle is figuring out what to do first. And this is the step that most people don’t take. They can’t figure out where to start and instead of doing something, they just slump back into the comfort zone and decide that change isn’t “for them”. You know these people, you work with these people, you have dinner with these people! They’re the ones always complaining about how much they hate their job or their love life or their weight BUT they never actually do anything about it!

The good news is that it’s never too late to stop being one of these people!
You know you’re ready when you’re finally totally & utterly sick of hearing yourself talk about what’s wrong with your life.

How do you start to figure out what your change should be? Or even what part of your life needs to change!

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I’ve been seeking the sort of help and advocacy that Katy offers for a long, long time now. In the course of one session she managed to guide me toward connections, insights, intentions, and possibilities that have been lingering below the surface for years. 

– A.M.   Portland, ME
“I was nearing six months as a brand-new small business owner, and was completely overwhelmed, burnt out, and exhausted but didn’t know how to slow things down enough to stop feeling like I was treading water, let alone take a BREATH. I met Katy and found out about mindful-u on a day when I was feeling especially depressed and anxious, and not only was she genuinely warm and comforting, I immediately felt that she understood my situation and could relate to me. I signed up for a multi-session package and I was consistently thrilled with the tools I was left with after each session, as well as a sense of calm and clarity I hadn’t felt in a long time. Though I know I have a long way to go, working with Katy has helped me identify and stop the cycle of ‘reacting’ and taught me what it means to live ‘intentionally’.”
– J.H.  Chicago, IL
 If you are honestly interested in changing your life and you’re truly ready to do the work necessary to accomplish your goals, Katy is the perfect coach for you.  Katy provided tools to help me get a better idea about changing my work situation and helped me evaluate various opportunities based on what my true intention was for a new job.  Katy always told me the truth, even if it was hard to hear, and I’m in a better place for it.  Katy encouraged and supported me along the way and then celebrated with me when I manifested the change I wanted!  
– J.D.   Atlanta, GA

“I have worked with Katy on several occasions and have always enjoyed her positive attitude and great ideas. Katy has helped me break through several barriers that were preventing me from changing my career path.  After several coaching meetings with her, I was able to overcome my brain blocks and step outside of my comfort zone.  She did it with her career and who better to coach others on doing the same?   Katy is professional, open-minded,and is a master at connecting with people through her excellent listening skills and ebullient spirit.  I encourage you to work with her as a career coach.   You will be totally gratified at the experience, results, and the many paths that her coaching collaboration will help you with .”

– N.S., Washington DC

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